The Restaurant

At our Restaurant you can eat escudella i carn d'olla (vegetables and meat soup), cabbage or chard trinxat with rosta, different sorts of paste (like the Granny's macaroni, spaghetti with various sauces or stuffed paste), as well as a varied assortment of salades and the hors d'oeuvres with made at home sausages.

We will find out veal of very first-class quality –environmental friendly–, breeded at the same House, and a rich assortment of bird, lamb, rabbit, pork and veal meat, grilled, in stew or oven cooked; all them accompanied with moixernons (St. George's mushroom), carreretes (scotch bonnet), rovellons (pine mushroom), fredolics (grey knight), etc., that we found at our meadows and woods.

We suggest you the girella and the confitat, two typical dishes of this Pyrenees country. We have also great quality cheeses: cured, half-cured, tupí (fermented cheese) and them of desserts, like the brossat (similar to ricotta) or mató.

Opening days

In the summer season, as well as at long weekends, Holy Week and Christmas, the Casa Batlle's Restaurant is open all the days of the week.

The rest of days, please contact us calling to (34) 973 666 015 or (34) 629 044 453.

Picture gallery from the Restaurant

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